Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility

We advocate for Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility, CER Program; a collaborative movement with the mission of directing private sector CSR efforts toward building region-wide entrepreneurial ecosystems. This needs for the organization to have the internal organizational conditions that will establish the needed commitment in order to contribute to the growth of entrepreneurial activity, and this is where Qotuf comes!

Qotuf has developed a focused approach for managing the whole life cycle of initiatives/ projects that starts with conceptualization and ends with full implementation, monitoring, and informing. The methodology is called the 8 steps model. 

How can we help your Organization

Our objective is to build an environment that is conducive to entrepreneurial success and helps create the opportunities for greater innovation and knowledge diffusion.

We help your organization research, develop, design and implement your initiative or series of initiatives that will provide entrepreneurs and organizations with a robust and sustainable entrepreneurship platform, that is based on a focused research approach that is passionate about problem-solving.

Given that CER is built within Qotuf’s corporate DNA, one of its main objectives is to identify the right strategic approach that will help both support public sector organizations and private corporations to deploy the most effective CER initiatives. In building a CER initiative, Qotuf has devised a methodology that is based on creating an entrepreneurial strategic vision and an organizational architecture that encourages the refinement of entrepreneurial processes and behavior.

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