Qotuf AlRiyadah/Flat6Labs Jeddah, is spending time and money developing a startup ecosystem. Mrs. Tuba Terekli, who heads Qotuf AlRiyadah/Flat6Labs Jeddah, has invested in 38 companies so far, including mobile game developer Ayah Studios, which has nearly two million downloads, and Maharah, a provider of on-demand home maintenance services, which now employs 450 people.

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Mahara is an iOS mobile application that enables individuals to get quick home maintenance services with high quality and comparative price by skilled labor. Mahara is aiming to make the whole process of hiring skilled labor easier and gives customers the advantages to choose the labor they think is better in quality and price. To read more please check


Polisher provides a mobile car wash service that will allow its customers to get their cars exteriors and interiors washed anywhere they might be. Customers will be able to utilize the service through a mobile and web application to request a car wash.

Polisher is also proud to utilize water vapor cleaning technologies in order to be more environmentally aware and that allows us to consume a considerably less amount of water than traditional car washes giving our client the best results with the peace of mind they deserve. To read more please check



We make studying Math as easy as watching a movie… a good one!

As human beings, we are wired to learn through stories and the story structure keeps us curious and engaged. In a story we are presented first with an interesting problem that the hero is facing, then we get invested emotionally with him as he struggles to solve the problem then we feel relieved and happy when he wins at the end. Unfortunately, Math lessons are not written this way!

In a Math lesson, students are first introduced to a mathematical concept that they don’t know where it came from and why is it important to know, then they are asked to use this concept to solve problems that are abstract and doesn’t mean anything to them! In, we are changing that! We re-write math lessons as stories and we relate them to real world applications that students use everyday. We then produce these lessons as animated videos that are not more than 3 min long each. To read more please check


Nujeed is the first Saudi online platform to bridge the gap between local private companies and employable Saudi talent. It offers a matching service whereby companies interact with job seekers in order to evaluate, and ultimately employ, top talent.

Nujeed generates a matching environment between the two parties based on the wish-list concept, thus providing each side with the opportunity to learn about and assess the other before a formal employment contract is issued. Nujeed provides the ability to favorite, select, test and even monitor the development of candidates without the expense of on-the-job training or the risk of attrition after a long recruitment cycle.

Nujeed is a Saudi startup that currently caters to the local market with plans to grow regionally within the Arab world and beyond. To read more please check


Mother and Child guide is a website that offers a unique guide that gathers all useful and targeted information for mothers and children. The Mother and Child Guide magazine is already one of the most favored pregnancy and parenting magazine in Saudi Arabia. By introducing the new platform, it will allow for a completely new experience in how the users will interact with articles in regards to articles, videos, and social media that is personalized and tailored for the user and their reader preference.

Our value proposition is the credibility of our content: we will provide useful updated information and articles from local professional doctors, advertise about the latest events, and have an interactive website to answer any questions that our customers might have. Our target market are mothers, mother’s-to-be, working mothers, housewives, single mothers and  fathers.

The advantage we have over our competition is that we’re committed to having local (Saudi) writers, doctors and therapists generate content, providing relevant, up-to-date information that our audience is constantly in search of – bringing it all together onto one single platform in the Arabic language. To read more please check


Sawerly is an online marketplace to book photographers for any type of photography (Wedding, Conferences, Products, Personal, and many more). Sawerly is an online marketplace to book photographers where customers will be able to get offers for their photo-shoot from a wide range of photographers and filter through them by price, quality, and ratings for weddings, conferences, products, personal, and many more. Photographers will create profiles to display their experiences, portfolios, and services. They will also be able to bid on photo-shoots, sell their photos, and purchase cameras and accessories. Photographers are rated by customers on quality, attendance, delivery and other aspects. Our target market will include individuals, companies, event managers, and advertising and marketing agencies that need a photographer. Our advantage over our competitors is our unique photographer booking process, localized understanding, loyalty program, support and after sale, and our reach to a large network of photographers. To read more please check

Warsha Plus

Warsha Plus is a web platform that is specialised in linking auto spare parts sellers with buyers. Upon request by a buyer in Saudi Arabia, Warsha Plus will, via courier companies, ship car parts available on its web portal, orders to be delivered to the buyer within a short period of time.

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Farm Tech

We are breeding livestock in an environment-sensitive manner to reduce waste. Initially, the project will depend upon the sale of livestock until other activities of the sale, rental and maintenance of grazing techniques (including (culturing incubators and model corrals etc.) are completed.

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Offer Hunt

Offer Hunt is a portal system that offers several services. First service is agreeing with other companies about deals and perks for the company that installs our platform. Second service is giving rewards to employees in the form of coupons that offer discounts or free gifts through these perks. Third service is helping the employees check their rewards and coupon through our platform and giving them the option to buy these coupon even if they didn’t win it.

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Aya Game

Highly motivated professional with more than 13 years of experience in information technology project management in banking industry. Led implementation of major banking information projects (with total over 150 million SR Budget). in 2012, Launched SME.SA which provide IT consulting services for SME in Saudi Arabia. SME.SA now serve more than 150 SME Customer in Saudi Arabia and GCC. SME.SA sales passed 1 million SAR in 2013.

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iRehab is a website and application for parents and therapists dealing with children suffering from motor delay. The website combines many different tools to assist the parents in applying the exercises like online consultation face to face or by emails, 3D visual exercises, weekly lessons and home exercise program. In addition to that, the ability to ask questions and share experiences with other therapists and parents through the support group.

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