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About Us


Qotuf AlRiyadah is the first Saudi private sector-led , none profit entrepreneurship foundation (entrepreneurship in Saudi) . It was established in late 2012, and became active in 2013, in order to foster the sustainable development of entrepreneurship in Saudi Arabia with the chairman Dr. Ghassan A. Suliaman as the founder and Eng. Tuba Terekli as the Co-founder and CEO.

Experienced Saudi entrepreneurs established Qotuf to support and fulfill the needs of aspiring Saudi entrepreneurs through the launch of initiatives, with private and public sectors in affiliation with organisations in over 165 countries.

Qotuf aims to fill the missing gaps and not to duplicate existing efforts. As such, Qotuf only develops highly specialized initiatives focused on three key areas 1. Economic stability and diversity, 2. Youth engagement via innovation, and 3. High quality job creation

Qotuf programs have achieved unparalleled results locally and globally as the strategic direction is more towards diversification and proper engagement of equity funding, mentoring, and growth development to drive the entrepreneurial ecosystem to graduate companies that create high quality of jobs and global existence.


Our History

Qotuf was founded by Saudi entrepreneurs in order to build sustainable entrepreneurship initiatives.

Qotuf fosters greater opportunity for individual entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Saudi, due to its vast network of local and global partnerships. The main purpose of Qotuf’s initiatives is to deliver benefit to all willing entrepreneurs, such as tech startups, home-based businesses, e-commerce, franchising, self-employment, to name a few.

Qotuf with its long-term strategic capabilities intends on becoming the think-tank of major entrepreneurship initiatives and research in Saudi.

If entrepreneurship represents the life line for job creation, which will qualitatively and quantitatively help expand Saudi Arabia’s private sector, Qotuf will be the driver for building robust and sustainable entrepreneurship.

Our approach, is to help underpin the growth and expansion of Saudi Arabia’s Small & Medium Size Enterprises, SME. Qotuf will pollinate the fruits of leveraged partnerships, know-how and capacity that potential entrepreneurs will eventually use in order to prosper and flourish

  • Qotuf Fosters Greater Born
  • Flat 6 Labs Jeddah 1st Accelerator
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week
  • Flat 6 Labs Jeddah 1st & 2nd Demo Day
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week Successful Event
  • Creative Business Cup - Saudi Winner Top 5
  • Flat 6 Labs Jeddah Cycle 3 & 4
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week 2nd Event
  • Creative Business Cup GCC
  • CSR Award - Best Employment Generation Award
  • Global Entrepreneurship Week 3rd Event
  • Creative Business Cup MENA Region
  • Forbes MENA - 12 Stratups Best Stratups
  • Qotuf Leader of Entrepreneurship
  • Demo Day for Cycles 5 & 6