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Yolla Taleb

Communication and Research Manager

Yolla has 7 years of experience in design, branding, communications and events management , with a very good communication skills.

She worked since 2007 as assistant to the business Development Manager at one of Bin Laden Group companies, In addition she was working as designer at different firm as a freelancer. On 2011, she worked at Saqifat Al Safa for property management, where she handled Marketing proposals & events management for properties and real estate. Furthermore, as par time job she worked as executive account manager at “NICHE ARABIA”, also she managed the social media channels, branding, and the website revamping if needed.

Currently, Yolla working as Communication & Research Manger at Qotuf Al Riyadah, where she is responsible of the all communication channels, design, website revamping. Also, managing one of the main Competitions at Qotuf which is “CBCMENA”.

Yolla holds a Bachelor degree of Graphic Design from the Lebanese American University (LAU) of Lebanon and a Specialized in Marketing and Communications. Her passion is support and guide entrepreneurs, startups how they develop there branding and follow the updated digital marketing..